Thursday, October 6, 2011


The past one month has been exactly that. Whirlwind.

Last blog entry was back in Los Angeles, the first stop of the 4 cities my friend, Janice and i visited. 

It has been an amazing, mind-blowing experience that really drained us out...! I guess it's always the case with travelling, it can be fun AND super exhausting too!

We left Boston on 21/9 evening and only arrived back in Australia on 24/9 early morning. Super jet lag!

Few days later i was back at work. Back to the mundane. Felt so surreal! Back to a long list of things to catch up and handle. But it felt great to be back from a foreign place to familiar surrounding, people and even smell!

Last few days, it has been so sunny in Perth. And i can smell the sweetness of ripe nectarines in the front yard.

Ok, so for the past one week i've finally done my e-tax return (dreadful), did 2 night shifts, suffered post-holiday blues...
Long story short, the mood to blog is back again, for now. I hope i will spend some good hours on recollecting the pieces of my travel experiences and share them with you, if i could squeeze this in before i take off again....eeeep. Also, it will be a good personal recap of the memorable travel adventure, so i should try my very best. With lots of pictures. =P

Please stay tuned... =)

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