Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Bunting

Today i made some paper bunting for a dear friend's birthday party this Saturday. Actually, a cute couple birthday party.

i picked this as the picture of the day.

I chose some lovely papers with yellow bits to go with her colour theme for the party. Hope she'll love it!
The paper bunting is on its way to Adelaide now, along with a few other little surprises. Yes, what a shame i can't be there for her... that's why i wanted to put together something just for them. How i wish we live in the same state!


Jo Serwey said...

have a awesome birthday party!

♥ Nadine said...

Aw, Adelaide. It's a shame you couldn't deliver this bunting on your own. But I guess it's a little bit far, not?

Anyways, that one is lovely. I totally love the colors. :)

Lots of love, friend. xoxo.

P.S.: A friend of mine is currently in Perth. :)



-new fashion illustrator-

L said...

Thank you ladies for dropping by! :D

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