Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awesome friends

In previous posts, i've mentioned a bit about my friend, Janice who recently just celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend, Justin.

Today just seem like a fine day... (some lame excuse...haha) Anyway, i just want to introduce their awesome blogs to you!

Janice's personal lifestyle blog, Jan - be inspired by her passion for life, good food, good music & sewing ideas!

Justin recently started a food blog which is very exciting for the couple! And i said i would help to promote the blog!! lol.

So you should really check out Justin's food blog, A Kitchen for Friends - follow his culinary adventures and try some of the recipes.

As a couple, they are both passionate about God, making good music, singing & cooking top-chef dishes.

Also, check out & subscribe to their youtube channel, JaniceandJustin for some of their covers.

ok, i stole this pic from Janice's blog. =P

oh and also, exciting news! Janice and i are going on a BIG trip to USA in A week's time! Gosh, counting down to the take-off day!!
LA, NYC, Washington DC & Boston, here we come!! Woo-hoo!

1 comment:

Jo Serwey said...

woah! you girls gonna hv loads of fun in the USA!

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