Friday, August 12, 2011

200th post! =)

wow, reaching 200th post today! and also, it's been a year since i started this supposedly-art-blog-but-turned-into-something-rather-lifestyle-blog. 

12/31: smiley toast

i came home from work and made myself a quick breakfast. Had a piece of toast and made a smiley face. 

missing you & happy friday. 

{ 31 days project}

i like to put my feet up against the wall after long day at work. and just look at the map and have a little day-dream moment.

dusk today. i just walked outside for 5 min to breathe in the air and saw the sky was so amazing. the moon so bright...then i remembered that it has been a month since he came to visit. =)

also listening my way through one of my favourites, Mat Kearney's latest album, Young Love on youtube
still kinda sleep-deprived and feeling the weight on my shoulders....guess all i need is a good sleep now.
it will fix all things. =)


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