Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interesting finding: B & M felt

WA's No. 1 Fish 'N Chips

Photo from B&M Blog

Photo from B&M Blog

And for lunch today, I met up with my bro and we went to Fremantle for fish & chips lunch at Cicerellos. Then we walked around window-shopping. Wecame across a lovely shop called B & M. It has shelves full of attractive things like bags (Bag 'n' Noun from Japan), accessories, stationery, greeting cards & homewares. They also stock some Tin Tin collectibles too. Very cute!

I'm glad i've found another lovely shop for gift-hunting. Adding it to my favourite shops list.

B & M loves felt, and they are Australia's supplier of premium German 100% wool design and craft felt. Check out their website & blog for more felt-loving posts & felt products.

B&M Store
49A High Street
Fremantle (West End)
Western Australia 6160



Helena said...

mmm, can't beat a good fish and chips for lunch :)

stephanie [the merry way] said...

I love shops like this - full of random goodness. Great photos :)

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