Thursday, June 30, 2011

Soapy love

This cute soapylove video featuring
almost-edible-looking adorable popsicles & lollies is simply too Bubbly Cute!
Make me giggle! lol!

Happy Thursday!

ps: i think a sore throat is on its way...noooo....think i'm going down with a flu. Self-medicating with lots of strepsils & warm lemon & honey drink. Thank God for a lemon tree in the backyard. *sneeze*


Le Vélo Noir said...

Sorry to hear about that sore throat:( I personally hate having sore throats myself. Load up on vitamin C and yes, warm honey is wonderful. Also, get a lot of rest so that your body can fight off whatever bug that is.

Take care!


Jo Serwey said...

Gosh.. thats the worst!!! Drink lots and lots of lemon juice! EAT THEM heeheh

♥ Nadine said...

Cuteness overload... :) Thanks for sharing!!

Also, get well soon. :(

L said...

Thank You Christine, Jo & Nadine!! Yes i will take care and hope to get well soon. gotta load up with lots of warm water & vitamin C. Yes, Jo...i might just eat the lemons! haha!

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