Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winner of giveaway!

This morning as i stepped out of my house, a parcel addressed to me was waiting for me at the doorstep!

It's Dawn Tan's recipe print giveaway that i've won via Lottie Loves blog Friday Giveaway on 6 May.

I hardly have won anything like this before, as far as i could remember! So i was superly ecstatic when i received an email from Charlotte (Lottie Loves) last week saying that i've won the giveaway! When Dawn sent me an email then, it was definitely confirmed! haha...this sort of exciting news can be hard to believe...never did i thought i could be so lucky!

so, yay...i did a little dance in my room when i realized it's on its way to my mailbox! LOL.

It made my day, and i'm still smiling as i'm typing. =)

I first noticed Dawn's beautiful watercolour illustrations via Frankie zine. Since then, i've been following her blog and admire her artwork & also her food sculptures!! They were labor of love sewn together by Dawn. Just amazing!

If you haven't got to know Dawn & her artwork, here's a brief intro...

Dawn is a talented illustrator & avid food lover based in Melbourne, Australia. She has an awesome blog, etsy shop...and you should check out all her artworks at her portfolio.

Lately she's wall-painting at Obus, and she has painting classes for kids & adults & i'm looking forward to the next issue of Frankie for her illustrations!

And follow her tweets for latest updates! She's not feeling well lately & she needs all the love and care she could get, so drop her a tweet to cheer her up if you're on twitter! x

roast apricot and cinnamon almond chicken recipe illustrated by Dawn Tan

i should be Thanking You, Dawn! Thanks heaps!

i'm going to frame it up! =)


Jo Serwey said...

wow! that's great!! and gosh.. that is one beautiful piece of recipe! :P haha

L said...

yes it looks like a yummy dish for winter! will try it out one day. :P

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