Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Play with your food

Tiny Teddy is feeling sleepy on a rainy day like today.
 It started pouring in Perth last night. It continued raining this morning. The sky is looking grey and cloudy. It's actually a good thing for a change! Praise God for the much needed rain!

I made this for my breakfast today.
Freshly baked wholemeal bread (so soft!) & cheddar cheese with a cute tiny sleepy teddy!

Loving the rainy weather!

Little chics in my egg! haha!

 I made these this morning as part of my breakfast today. They are actually called Kiiroitori according to Anna in her blog. I saw this post by Anna teaching how to make Rilakkuma inari-zushi & spotted these cute Kiiroitori! Thought it would be fun to give it a try. You should try it too! Read Anna's blog for full details & instructions!

All you need is a boiled egg, some cheese, some nori seaweed & tomato ketchup! You need a craft punch hole & a pair of scissors too! Enjoy!

Hello Kiiroitori
Aren't they cute? Anna is so creative!

Over the Easter weekend, I had eaten perhaps a little bit more chocolate than usual. Before devouring these mini lindt chocolate rabbits, I captured a few snapshots and edited the photos making into a comic strip.
two poor mini lindt rabbit...hehe.
Got my inspiration from a random cartoon spotted at work few weeks ago. lol!

My friend asked me if i always play with my food before i eat them. Lol!! Well, sometimes, just randomly, for fun! How about you? Do you play with your food too? wink* hehe.


♥ Nadine said...

Haha, sooo funny. Seriously, what creative ideas! Usually you'd be told off because "No playing with food!" - but these pics are too cute! :)

Thanks for sharing.

The Indigo Sessions said...

Hee hee hee! They are fantastic! ADORE the Lindt bunnies - poor wee things!

x x x

Come and visit us! Google 'The Indigo Sessions blog'...

Jennifer Young said...

lol! i am so amused by all of these! so cute! i especially love your clouds, raindrops that a teddy graham!?!? YUM!

L said...

LOL...Thanks Nadine! hehe...'grown ups' can play with food sometimes. :P
hehe, thanks Indigo Sessions! Lindt is so yummy!
Thanks Jen! ya it does look very much like teddy graham! it's called tiny teddy here. they're too cute! :P

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