Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much love Monday: day trip!

I love day trips & outings. I love the car ride (when we talk, sing & laugh at the backseats), the beautiful sunny weather, the homemade food for picnic lunch (we made tuna egg sandwiches & mini cupcakes), the breath-taking sceneries, & the great company!

Day trip inspires & refreshes my mind. It's good to go discover the world.

Today my church organized a day trip to Lancelin, Pinnacles & Guilderton. Here are some snapshots of the day.


Sand Dunes, Lancelin

Moore River, Guilderton
beautiful & unique


Gracey said...

breath-taking! :) the photos are vast with breath-taking sceneries!

L said...

Thanks Gracey! Indeed marvellous view. The sand dunes had beautiful sights from the top. :-)

Girl holding a paintbrush said...

Looks like a great day outing. I need to go on a day outing soon I think :)

Murphy xo

sarah // SELVA floral design said...

sand-boarding is so fun!!! looks like the rest of your trip was fun too.... i love taking day trips and outings!! it's nice because i live so close to so many cool hikes and lakes and rivers and rocks to climb :)

L said...

yay to outing! love to read your comments, Murphy & Sarah! :D

Anna said...

Gorgeous photos. The view is stunning :)

L said...

yes, Anna! it was my first time to those beautiful places. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fantastic palce! Sandboarding looks like fun :)

L said...

Hi Tschitschi! yes, it's fun...the sand was so soft...the view was magnificent! :)

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