Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspire me Thursday, Frankie!

Mr. Geeky Egg
So, Frankie new issue 41 is out now!! Yay!
New Issue 41 is out now!

stick the used MT tapes to the cover
Packing Frankie in my bag to bring to work to savour over during break time. Yay!


Wusel's... said...

A perfect post for breakfast.
I just woke up and feel sleepy but your egg made me smile.

Nanny S-A said...

Those plates are simply brilliant!

Thank you for your comments/support. Hope you have a wonderful Easter :-) x

L said...

Glad it made you smile, Joe! Hope you have a lovely weekend coming up!
Thanks Nanny S-A for your support too! Yes, the plates are so pretty!
Happy Blessed Easter, Ladies! :D

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