Friday, March 18, 2011

Fab Five-day

Image: a collection a day by Lisa Congdon.

Here are my five highlights of events in Perth during March/April which i am pretty excited about.

1. Yay! UpMarket is here again! This Sunday 20th March. 10-4pm.
at Winthrop Hall, Unversity of Western Australia
35 Stirling Hwy

2. William St Culture & Arts Festival this Sunday 20th March. 10-4pm. Same day as UpMarket!
*The road will be closed between Brisbane and Newcastle Streets, creating the perfect venue to celebrate the artistic and multicultural vibrancy of the area.

3. Bicycle Swap Meet on Saturday 26th March. 8-1pm.
@ Russell Square, James St, Northbridge. Learn crochet from Granny Funk! Anything to do with bike is fun! unfortunately i don't think i could make it this time.

4. KickstART Youth Market

  • WHO: Everyone, especially young people aged 12 - 25 years!

  • WHEN: Saturday, 2nd April 2011

  • TIME: 10am - 4pm


  • WHERE: Perth Cultural Centre

  • 5. Coffee Appreciation Trail - 1-31st March 2011

    part of
    I love coffee. Anything with coffee. However, recently i have been drinking more earl grey tea at home & work rather than coffee. Yes, I am now a coffee+tea person. I love my earl grey with a dash of milk.

    When i saw this event on Eat Drink Perth website, i thought i would like to try some of the cafés mentioned above in the Coffee Appreciation Trail. I've never been to any one of them so it would be really interesting to check out these venues.

    so far i've tried cappuccino from Frisk & CNR cafés. Prices around $3.80-$3.90 for small cup.
    I quite like Frisk's coffee for its creamy froth, the natural sweetness from the milk & the retro lounge area.
    CNR is located at a very nice sorta hidden spot at James st corner Lake St. The coffee smell was great & i quite like the round sturdy metal cylinder as seats too.

    The next cappuccino i want to try is from Ristretto Espresso Specialists which is currently top with a 268 votes. Also, i always wanted to have a cuppa at the Cabin Fever by the awesome people from Pigeonhole. Haven't get around to it. So, that's on my list too!

    *You can vote for the best coffee served here and win a year's supply of free coffee from your favourite venue.

    I will reserve my vote until after i've tried a few more. But somehow i really hope that Cabin Fever will have the highest vote cause i went past it a few times, it looks like a really comfy homely place to spend your afternoon at.


    Jo Serwey said...

    going to any of those??

    L said...

    Hi Jo!
    yes i'm going to check out william st fest (first time) & taking a friend to Upmarket, gonna be a busy Sunday! cant make it for the bike thing on 26; the youth market looked interesting, might go. & i am going to try out a few more coffees! how bout u?

    Kim Welling said...

    Lovely (and so is your blog)! Thanks for becomming a follower of mine by the way. I really appreciate it!

    Jo Serwey said...

    Hey L!
    How's the festivals today?? I went to Upmarket in the morning then William St after that! I wish William St Festival could have it more often!! It's quite unusual to see all the asian stalls around! hahaha love it.
    did ya eat much :P

    L said...

    Thanks for popping by, Kim! I really like your art work! Inspiring!
    Hey Jo! Yes, wish William st thing can be more regular in future! Many interesting stuff! Ya, some Asian culture thing happening like a dragon dance thing. I went around 1:30pm then to upmarket around 3pm. Saw many yummy food at William st but I didn't get to try them. Did u come across something special there?

    Jo Serwey said...

    3pm at upmarket? was it crowded?? I doubt it will bcuz of so many festivals around town! I find the hongbao lantern stall interesting though ahahha teaching the adults and kids how to make hongbao lantern!

    L said...

    not so crowded like the last time i went earlier. Many stalls were pretty much the same.
    oh ya, haha...i saw that angpau lantern too! haha!

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