Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bunny Baby Gift Set

bro bought these for our first niece!
So, my sis is due to have her first baby girl in the next few weeks! We are all so excited! Sis posted the photo above on her facebook yesterday. These lovely gift set of a blanket, a bib & a burp cloth was from baby's uncle who is in Adelaide.

I remembered seeing these some times ago. So i asked bro where he got them from. ETSY! he said.
And sure enough, i've favourited these on my etsy a while ago.

image from etsy

They are made by Tadpole Creations on ETSY. Check out more of their cute adorable babies stuff here!

I can't wait for our niece to be born so we can play with her! She'll be pampered with LOTs of Bunny goodies!

p/s: that makes 2 rabbits in the family! yay! =)


Gracey said...

Gosssh, this is so adorable..

Helena said...

they're perfect!

L said...

They are indeed adorable & perfect for a Bunny baby! :-D

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