Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Shower (part 2)

DIY thank-you cards sis & i made

Gigantic Baby Pram Balloon
paper bunting & pink balloons for simple decoration

this make me smile...cute butterfly

sweet adorable pink bunny

cute bunny blanket >.<

cute carrot cupcake

such lovely crafty totebag by Aimee for baby Isobel
pin the pacifier to the baby game!

homemade panna cotta by food//couture..so yummy i was tempted to have 2nd, 3rd...lol.
The Baby Shower was a blast! Thanks to food//couture for organizing & preparing the lovely stylish food! Please visit her wonderful blog here to read all about the Baby Shower!

P/s: the games i've prepared (sis helped brainstorming too) turned out pretty fun actually...! Super Diaper Change, Drink like a Baby Bottledrink race, Charades, Pin the pacifier to the baby & the Ultimate Feeding game (Feeding a 'baby' blindfolded receiving instructions from 3rd person) I think the guests enjoyed themselves...i hope...haha.


Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Umm.. so if I ever have a baby shower.. I think I will be contacting you for your super incredible organisational skills. Girl, everything looks amazing!

L said...

haha...Thanks, Jamie-lee! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for your help iamlillian. The guests definitely had fun! I know I did.

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