Monday, November 8, 2010

Much love Monday: MT tapes

In response to Much Love Monday post by Much Love blog today, i've made some cards with my new favourite material - Masking tapes! It was lots of fun tearing and sticking the lovely tapes. Thought of sharing some love for masking tapes with you today. =)

I heart Japanese masking tapes! see my flickr for more pics.

MT taped envelope with a cute sticker.

decorated envelope with lovely pink MT tapes

more photos at my flickr.

And today i have just uploaded 2 NEW handmade greeting cards at my etsy shop.

available at my etsy - Aesthetically Art

Tell some they deserve some fun today!! =D
Hope You have a Sprinkled-with-fun+much-loved-Monday! Be Inspired, fellow MT addicts. tee-hee.


Jenna Templeton said...

These are all so precious :)

sangeee said...

Very amazing blog....
I would appreciate your graphic design work. That's so cute

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