Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodies in the mail: MT tapes!

 lovely craft goodies finally arrived today! For my birthday last week, i made an impromptu online shopping spree and bought quite  a lot of masking tapes + rubberstamps. I said to myself that it will be worth the $ and a good investment i hope. hehe.

So today i finally started to receive a couple of mails (more to come!).

I bought some lovely Japanese themed paper tapes from Lucy via her etsy shop.

 a few hours later, a big parcel came through! It's a boxful of goodies i've ordered from CuteTape.

I fell in love with Japanese washi masking tapes when i first saw them in Loft, Tokyo. I actually felt regretted for not buying a lot more while i was there. Lately i was thrilled when i saw some at Zakka Box right here in Perth! I was delighted to flip through an idea book on using the masking tapes. So i decided to get some...then i saw some at Mr Sparrow in Subiaco too! So then my masking tapes collection got bigger and now massively big, just in a short time span. (all thanks to my impulsively clicking on the 'add to cart' on those online shops) yes they are deliciously tempting and irresistable!

and i've also been browsing for masking tapes idea and usages across a few different sites like Flickr and some online shops selling these lovely tapes! i've learned so much more about these tapes, learning about their different brands and origins e.g Japan and Korea. I've also discovered via Google that there are many online shops specially sell masking tapes and interestingly most of them are from USA. I was comparing the prices and variety of the tapes on a few online shops. It was time consuming but i had fun checking each one out. And of course i also have been having fun making some cards, decorating stuff with the masking tapes.

i'm glad that Zakka Box and Mr Sparrow stock these cute masking tapes. What i found on the online shops are even more impressive. They have a lot of various collections. And today i realised the jolly good buzzing feeling when receiving something (like a surprise) in the mail! It felt so good to open the package to discover these goodies i've been longing to lay my hands on! haha...

ok i think i've just turned into a masking tape addict. (i seem to hope to get more interesting tapes especially those i don't have...i should stop browsing at those online shops)

so if you are interested in these gorgeous masking tapes too, go check out these useful websites below! I'm pretty sure you'll get hooked on them. haha.

Cute Tape
Happy Tape
Kawaii tape
and a whole lot more, simply google and let the links take you to the lovely tapes!

now that i have so many tapes to play with...i shall make craft out of them! =D

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