Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gems in Borders

Went to Borders yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to see the stationery section was undergoing a makeover an upgrade.

My eyes glowed instantly when i saw many new yet familiar range of exquisite stationery such as my favourites MT Tapes from Japan (Yay!), notebooks/ journals from MMMG, Delfonics (fell in love with the shop in Japan!), O-check from Korea and a whole range of goodies i've seen on Telegram website.

Finally! the Borders in Hay Mall is now stocking these funky goodies! I got really excited as usual when it comes to stationery! I just went from shelf to shelf picking up every single items and admire them thoroughly before putting them back on the shelves again trying to resist them. hehe.

Also, more great gift items such as the Penguin & Pantone mugs were also on display. I also like the cheerful looking Penguin notebooks/journals!

Penguin notebooks from Until.

Pantone mugs from Until.
Aren't they simply gorgeous! sipping from one of these mugs would just brighten you day!

Penguin mugs from Until.

Then i browsed at the zine sections and saw that the current Frankie zines were still on display. A quick thought came about that it's almost end of October, meaning the next issue is coming out soon! and sure enough, when i check Frankie's twitter, it's official! Out next Wednesday! 20th October, mark that date now!

I took the lovely Frankie daily journal 2011 off the shelf and had a quick flip through the pages. I was smitten by the lovely illustrations on the pages. It would be too precious to scribble my not-so-pretty handwriting on.
Imagine having a dose of Frankie everyday!

Frankie daily journal 2011
also they are selling the 2011 calendar too!

Frankie 2011 Calendar
another interesting finding was these cute little capsule letters from Poketo!! Borders also stock a lot of Poketo's groovy notebooks and journals.

Message in a bottle? How about a message in a capsule. Write a secret love note and slip it in a coat pocket, in a lunch bag or underneath a pillow. Small but potent, a definite cure for sure! - Poketo
What a smart creative idea to sneak a little note to someone without suspicion. haha. But from health point of view, i fear these might be a bit dangerous when someone especially kids mistaken them as the real capsules and swallow them!

Also, Poketo has a great funky range of apparel too! A bit like the T-bar tees.

If you're a huge fan of exquisite stationery too, please do share with me the gems you found lately!

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