Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frankie issue 38: Out today!

One of my favourite zine, frankie is out with its new issue today! This is enormously exciting for me! So i walked to my local newsagency this morning and headed straight for it.

Frankie is an awesome zine by a great bunch of creatives; talking about art, fashion, music, craft, & life, filled with radness and youthful content! Best of all, it's homegrown goodness! Support Aussie Creatives!
they wanted a magazine that spoke directly
to the reader, contained great affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads and
pretty photography. With the support and encouragement of youth lifestyle publishing
house Morrison Media, their dream became a reality. - frankie.

A quick flip through the pages of the new issue and here are some of the savoury content. yum!~
Frankie time with a cuppa earl grey & vegemite crackers. yum!

The little felt macaroons are so adorable, look as good as real! yum!

vivid perky colour. Someday my room shall be as colourful as these!

wooo...stunning long silky black hair and geeky spectacles. retro!

lovely drawings by Dawn Tan. =)

Maggie Beer, i admire her!
This is a very inspirational article. as told to Benjamin Law (which i have recently completed his witty book - The Family Law. lol)
Quoting Maggie Beer ' You have to have goals and be willing to do the hard yards to get there. You must love what you're doing. and having drive, energy and a strong work ethic. there's no such thing as an eight-hout day in your own business; you've got to live it, BReathe it, then FIND how to get it up and going. Be prepared to work for what you want.' * sigh *
Liss, an inspiring blogger from qld!

If you are interested to get a copy too, check out their website for more info! Happy Mid-Week!

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