Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doodles: What i saw

My overnight work ended at 7:15am on 21.10.10. I was walking to the bus station and strangely enough i took notice of a few things. Later i jotted down what i saw in my notebook before i easily forgot them as i was sleep deprived.
So, here's a little doodle on what i saw at around 7:15am.

i walked past the café and took in a deep breath of aromatic coffee smell.
i saw people holding take-away coffees in their hands.
people were walking in opposite direction.
i saw sunglasses in different styles and shapes.
a pigeon pacing around pocking its head looking frantic when i moved closer. Pigeons are funny to watch.
people are tuning into all sorts of music they like, perhaps morning radio show or news. Ipods, earphones.
i saw school kids with ipods and huge school bags. catching buses.
i saw a man dressed like a french baker with bright yellow striped top with huge stuffed fabric lightning bolts, skinny with a thick patch of moustache (could it be fake!?) pushing a bike with french sticks in the front basket down the mall. That instant i knew he looked familiar. He was promoting/advertising for Croissant Express. I thought it was hilarious.

image from google

If he could have smiled, i would be persuaded to get a croissant. lol.

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Gracey said...

wow, you have a doodle-rich notebook! :)

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