Wednesday, September 15, 2010

rad findings


bought this cute little baby tee at the Perth Up Market.
It's for the expectant parents! the overjoyed first-time mommy & daddy! how exciting!
The baby is due in March next year. I am going to be an aunty! I like the sound of  'Aunty Lilly'...haha.
I forgot to mention that it was such a thrill to see so many pretty things for babies and toddlers at the Perth Up Market that i quickly rang my sis to be there asap!

No one would be able to resist to look admirably at the cute clothings and accessories for babies! I know of one dear friend of mine who really really loves babies and all things to do with babies! And i am very sure she would go crazily excited to be at the market too! hehe.

One of the lovely stalls, Hem'd displayed cute little tees for babies 0-3months and without much thoughts, i decided to get one cute tee as a gift for the expectant parents. It is still a bit early now to tell the gender, so i went with the safe colour i thought grey would look great on both boy and girl. The mommy to-be also bought a bagful of cute handmade goodies for the baby and baby's nursery.

If you have noticed, i love art/craft/design/drawing that has got rabbit in it and i love to make things with rabbit theme...maybe because i was born in the year of Rabbit. But also because rabbit designs/drawings/decoratives are just simply adorable!

have you met miss jones
 So i checked out a lovely shop called Mr. Sparrow few weeks ago and when i saw this cute little clay rabbit from 'Have you met Miss Jones', immediately i thought of the little one who will also be a 'rabbit' born in the year of Rabbit. It would be lovely to have it hanging in the nursery. It's never too early to start looking for lovely things for the baby nursery!! I think i would probably unable to control myself if i see anything lovely/fancy of rabbit designs again!!

Mr. Sparrow

Shop 3, 223 Bagot Rd
WA 6008
Another favourite shops on my list, Kikki.K has its new Spring collection on display now! i love the fresh look on the shop window display. It looks like empty glass jars are adding a fresh light feeling to Spring. 

kikki.K spring collection


coming soon - kikk.k

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